Glanzer Family Tree Update

Sorry to those of you checking in for the latest baby news. There isn’t much to speak of today. We had a bit of excitement early in the morning, but nothing ever materialized despite me staying home from work just in case. While I was home, however, I did dig a bit further into some family history!

I have found at least some info on all 16 great-great-grandparents. I am missing maiden names for three of the great-great-grandmothers. If I can uncover that info, it should lead to more discoveries!

The Glanzer Side
Paul M. Glanzer (Russia) & Anna Tschetter (Russia)
Elias J. Wipf (Russia) & Rebecca Hofer (Russia)

The Froke Side
Otto A. Froke (Iowa) & Georgia ? (South Dakota)
Jacob Babler (Switzerland) & Barbara Aultman (Switzerland)

The Bell Side
Clarence Bell (Illinois) & Lula Shoecraft (Michigan)
Daniel Pendexter (New Hampshire) & Ida Ferris (Wisconsin)

The Petersen Side
Roy Terry (Texas) & Effie ? (Germany)
George Benefiel (Iowa) & Florence ? (Iowa)

Beyond that, I have also uncovered at least some info on 22 of my 32 great-great-great grandparents.

The Glanzer Side
Matthias Glanzer (South Russia) & Anna Wurz (Ukraine)
Jacob Tschetter (South Russia) & Katharina Decker (?)
Zacharias Wipf (South Russia) & Maria Muller (South Russia)
Michael Hofer (Russia) & Sarah Waldner (Russia)

The Froke Side
Christian Ole Froke (Iowa) & Bertha Olsen Anderson (Norway)
Paulus Aultman (Switzerland) & Barbara Margaret Klassi (Switzerland)

The Bell Side
Johnathan Bell (Illinois) & Emma Vannorsdel (Pennsylvania)
Jacob Shoecraft (Michigan) & Nancy V. Norton (Michigan)
Daniel Pendexter (New Hampshire) & Harriet Orsay Cushman (Maine)
Benjamin Ferris (New York) & Mary Angeline McCallister (Ohio)

The Petersen Side
Jason Benefiel (Indiana) & Maria C. Beatty (Pennsylvania)

Surprisingly my two grandfathers’ sides are completely filled in, but the grandmothers–Froke and Petersen–are full of holes. I did notice that on the Benefiel side of the family there are several children named after presidents–George Washington Benefiel, Thomas Jefferson Benefiel, etc.

Beyond that, I also have at least partial information for at least 42 of the 64 great-great-great-great grandparents, and at least partial info on over 70 great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents! But that will just have to wait for another day… and there must be an easier way to say it than all those “greats”.

And Now We Play The Waiting Game…

As you have clearly noticed, the due date of August 17 has come and gone, and the baby is yet to be born! No big surprises there, I’d say. Many predicted the first baby to go over the due date by a few days. We’ve tried three straight nights of eating various foods to get things moving: on Saturday it was southern fare at Jack Allen’s. Sunday it was hatch green chile fest at Chuy’s. And last night Lauren painstakingly prepared an eggplant dish that–although very delicious–also did not induce labor! Most people have their own suggestions for us, and of course we are all ears. Many mothers who have had a baby will pinpoint the moment they went into labor and tell us something to the effect of “yep, I happened to be sitting in the bath tub fully clothed eating a lamb shank when I went into labor, so you should try that!”

But there will be no sitting around waiting for things to happen. We’ll go on with our weeks as usual, both going to work. Some have wondered why Lauren wouldn’t just sit at home, rest up, and wait for the moment to come, but that will cut into her maternity leave and/or PTO, and she feels like she’d go stir crazy sitting at home waiting around.

It is looking more and more possible that I’ll have a birthday buddy! That has to be fairly rare, like 1 in 365 babies born. I do have a college roommate who just had a daughter born on his birthday, so it’s not unheard of!

Family Tree

I decided a fun hobby would be tracing back the old family tree as far as I could go in all directions. After a Saturday on the couch with, I made great progress! Today I will touch on the Glanzer side of the family.

The Glanzer side of the family dates back to 1685 to Wales, when a man named Martin Glanzer was born in Pembrokeshire. He moved on to Carinthia, Austria where he married a woman named Anna Ertl. They had five children, including a son named Christian Glanzer who was born in Sankt Peter, Austria in 1725. He married a woman named Maria and they had another son named Christian Glanzer, also in Sankt Peter, Austria in 1750. Christian married a woman named Gretal Wipf and together they had a son named Samuel Glanzer, who was born in Wischenka, Ukraine in 1779. He married a woman named Rebecca Hofer and they had a son named Paul Glanzer in Radichev, South Russia in 1810. He too married a Hofer and they had a son named Matthias Glanzer in 1842 in South Russia. Matthias married a woman named Anna Wurz and together they had a son named Paul M. Glanzer, born in 1866 in Russia. He married Anna Tschetter, and apparently arrived in the United States in the late 1880s. Eventually they made their way to South Dakota where they had a son named David Glanzer, born in Huron, SD. He married Katie Wipf and had three sons, the youngest being Richard J. Glanzer in 1929. He married Cleo Froke and together they had a son named Richard J. Glanzer, II. He married a woman named Marcie Bell and together they had three children, the oldest being one Ryan C. Glanzer. He married Lauren Poulter and together they have a beagle named Baxter and a baby whose due date is actually today. Will the long-standing chain of Glanzer men live on? We’ll find out soon!

Several things jump out to me in my research. First being how tightly knit these same few last names are. Names like Glanzer, Wipf, Tschetter, and Hofer were all living amongst each other in the 1720’s and a large portion of the Carpenter area today is made up of people from the same names!

I also stumbled upon this story of the original Glanzer family, who was being held in jail for religious reasons! They all escaped by walking right past dozing guards.

My mother’s side of the family has an interesting past as well, including a somewhat-famous name. Unfortunately I was not able to get too far on the Bell name itself, but these are direct ancestors to me nonetheless.

We must go back to 1540 to Lavenham, Suffolk, England where a man named John Piers was born. In 1569, he and his mystery wife had a daughter named Alice Piers, who married an English fellow named Hugh Downes. No, not that Hugh Downs. In 1590 in Kings Langley, they had a daughter named Elizabeth Downes. She married Sgt. Lewis “Master Falconer” Latham, who apparently was the falconer to King Charles I! They had a daughter named Frances Latham, who has a very interesting Wikipedia page and was known as the “Mother of Governors” as many of her descendants became governors of Rhode Island! Anyway, one of her husbands was an Irishman named William Dungan, and together they had a son named Thomas Dungan, who in the 1600s came to America, and along with wife Elizabeth Weaver, had a daughter named Rebecca Dungan, born in Newport, RI. She married Edmund Doyle, and their youngest son was Clemente Doyle. He married a woman named Margaret and they had a son named Jonathan Doyle. He married Pennsylvanian Ann Thomas Matthews and they had a son named Hugh Doyle. He and his wife had a daughter named Mary Doyle in 1814 in Huntingdon, PA, and… finally… she married Josiah Bell. They had a dozen kids, one of them being Johnathan Bell, who married Emma Vannorsdel, and they moved to Illinois where they had a whopping sixteen kids, the second-oldest being Clarence Bell. Clarence married Lulu Schoecraft and in 1903 in Elkhorn Township, Iowa, they too had sixteen kids, the third-oldest being Clifford Bell. He married Ruth Pendexter (who has quite an interesting lineage of her own, but that’s a story for another day), and they had four kids, one being Gene Bell in 1929. He married Betty Lou Petersen, and they had three kids, the youngest being Marcie Bell, born in Denver, Colorado in 1961. And she married Richard J. Glanzer, II and had three kids, the favorite being Ryan C. Glanzer.

There are many other stories to tell from my hours of family tree making, but I’ll save them for later. The Froke, Babler, Pendexter, Wipf, Petersen, and Terry branches of my family have some long and interesting roots as well. I also found it is far easier to trace backwards because it’s easiest to search by death records. I have little way of finding out modern-day living relatives using this site.

I thought it would be fun to research all this and then make a giant wall illustration for the baby’s room like this Simpsons Family Tree.

Gender Preferences

Well it’s pointless to write about anything other than pregnancy news, because that’s what the people want to hear about! The due date is Sunday, and at this point there are no indications that it will be an early arrival.

I’ve decided that I officially have no gender preference, though I do have a list of pros in my head for each.

Case For Boy…

  • The Glanzer name would be much more likely to live on! Jordan has four kids, but they are all Krogmans. And Alex has two kids and they are both Glanzer for now, but being girls they are likely to marry off one day and change names… though times are a-changin’ and that’s not guaranteed to happen, of course. But if we have a boy, we could be more assured that the Glanzer legacy lives on. (Poulter will still be part of the last name too.)
  • There is a greater likelihood of the child becoming a baseball fan, thereby giving me/us all the more excuses to visit ballparks and such. And, if that were to happen, the likelihood of the child becoming a Major League superstar increases.

Case For Girl…

  • I’ve seen male friends with daughters go to these daddy-daughter dances and things like that. That seems like it would be a cool thing to do.
  • I seem to have a slightly better rapport with females. In general I am able to carry on conversations with women better than other men.

But that’s about it. Beyond that I don’t care too much. A healthy baby is priority #1!

Dashboard Cam

Despite it also being super close to the due date, let us not forget that it’s just ten days until my birthday! I turn 32 on the 23rd. I received a birthday check from Grandma Bell in the mail and decided I’d treat myself to something slightly unnecessary, but something that also could pay off tremendously: a dashboard cam! The discussion had come up recently on Facebook where Walsh was planning to record Minnesota drivers disobeying the oft-neglected rule of zipper-merging. Also having just narrowly avoided a driver running a stop sign at night, I decided to invest in a cam.

So basically this tiny inexpensive camera will just suction to the windshield and record video while I drive onto a 32GB micro SD card. It differs from a normal video camera because it knows to overwrite footage automatically so I always have the most recent three hours of driving footage. If I need to use any of the video, I’ll plug the device into my computer and transfer the video clips I need before they get overwritten. This could potentially be useful if I witness an accident, or heaven forbid, I’m involved in an accident. It could also come in handy for bizarre random occurrences like that Russian meteor caught on someone’s dash cam, or a spaceship entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Something like this may not be so useful in rural South Dakota, but in a metro area where I encounter thousands of poor drivers per day, it should pay off, or at least be entertaining.

I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can put together a highlight reel of driving clips to share!

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 9.00.17 AM

Eating Out: A Final Hurrah!

At the behest of many Facebook friends, Lauren and I set out this weekend to eat out at some fun places because we can still do so uninterrupted. For lunch Saturday it was the best Italian beef sandwiches in town from Lucky Dog. For dinner, it was Austin’s hottest Thai spot, Titaya’s. And first thing after waking up this morning we marched up to Georgetown to Monument Cafe, which has been ranked as one of America’s top 10 cafes. Everyone told us “you need to go out to a nice dinner one last time because it will never be the same again!” which I guess is possibly true, but I see our friends the Megos routinely go out to restaurants with a 1-year-old without much issue.

Titaya’s has amazing Thai food–some of the best you’ll find anywhere–but our experience there with the wait staff was rather poor. I always hate it when someone who sits down after us gets served first (see our visit to Joe’s Garage, Minneapolis for an extreme example). This was a pretty similar experience. A table who was seated several minutes after us had finished eating, paid their bill, and a new group had sat down before we ever got our food. And then they brought Lauren the wrong order so we waited an extra twenty minutes for it to arrive while my food sat and got cold. When I review them on Yelp I’ll definitely dock a star or two for that, and as an Elite Yelper three years running, my opinions are highly regarded! The food was still top-notch, however, I can’t take anything away from that.

Other young parent friends have also been suggesting we just hang out in a quiet house or catch up on sleep, which has also been on the agenda for the weekend. I am not much of a napper, but I did decide to doze off for two hours yesterday afternoon.

Beyond that, the countdown is on… the due date is one week from today, though many have suggested to us that with the first baby, Lauren will go over.

Softball, E-Mail, BabyWatch

Last night I played in what should be my final softball game for a while, as Callaway went down in defeat, 14-7.  We didn’t seem to have the umpires on our side from the get-go, possibly due to several profanity warnings issued, but there were some glaring calls that went against us.  In the third, we were about to get out of a bases-loaded jam when a guy hit a routine grounder to short. Our shortstop fielded it, underhanded to second where it was caught cleanly, and–SAFE!!! Now I was the first baseman so my view was blocked a little, but everyone on the field–baserunner included–assumed it was an out by several steps. One of those kinds of nights for the old Callaway squad! As has been the case all summer, when I hit the ball hard it’s an out. When I hit a little nubber off the end of the bat five feet out in front of the plate or pop up weakly to short right, it falls in for a hit. So I was 2-for-3 with 2 runs scored, my hits being a grounder to short and a pop-fly behind first. The out was a scorching line drive to the gap in left.

At work, I have been busy with the launch of our latest product line, the Big Bertha V Series… it’s our fastest Bertha yet! In fact, I produced this fancy little animated gif for today’s e-mail. By the way, if you aren’t subscribed to the Callaway Golf e-mail list, you’re not seeing all of my hard work every week!

BabyWatch ’14 countdown is now down to single digits. There’s little news on that front, just that everything is still normal. The first family member is scheduled to arrive August 21 to stay for a few nights and help out, so we’re at least hoping the baby is born and we’re home settling in prior to that!