Weight, Bath, Thank You

We were excited to learn Johnny has surpassed his birth weight and is up to 8 lbs. 11 oz. I had no idea going in that babies lost like 10% of their birth weight initially and then had to wait a couple weeks to regain it. I was also excited to see Johnny really take to the vibration feature on his swing. Though it’s super loud and buzzing, the little tot sure enjoys it.

In other baby news, he got his first real full bath on Monday night. I expected him to be uncooperative and screaming, but he was calm and agreeable.

Sleep is still spotty at best, but I can deal with being tired during the day. It’s the actual act of being woken up that sucks the worst.

Other recent baby thank-yous go out to our friends the Megos, who brought us Pei Wei for dinner and lent us various baby items including a bath tub! Thanks to our neighbors the Wests for cooking us a delicious pork tenderloin dinner and bringing it to us on Sunday! Thanks to the Chicago Poulters for the baby clothes we received in the mail yesterday! Thanks to Great Grandma Bell for the birth check–the first deposit in little Johnny’s college fund. Thanks to Rob for taking Baxter over to play for the afternoon to give Lauren a break! I’m sure there are others but there has been such an outpouring of generosity I’m losing track.

We are expecting our latest visitors to Austin next week. Mom, Dad, and Jordan are apparently driving down from South Dakota for a few days. Can’t wait to see everyone again… it’s been too damn long! I haven’t seen anyone in the family since our Minnesota baby shower in late April. Jordan, who does photography on the side, will be doing a newborn photo session with Johnny.

Stat of the Day: The Twins are 5-13 during Johnny’s lifetime.


Cool & Rainy, Sleep Deprivation, & New Oven

I am extremely pleased with today’s weather. If I could have picked any weather for today, it would be exactly what is happening. It’s unseasonably cool for central Texas in late summer at 61 degrees!! And it’s been raining for hours! If I’m going to be sitting around the house all day catching up on rest after back-to-back brutally sparse nights of sleep, a cool and rainy day is just the thing. Last night I was up till 3:30, slept til 6:30, then slept on and off from 7:00 to 8:24. Johnny would eat but had no interest in going back to sleep, so we came downstairs and watched Three’s Company on TVLand for hours. He slept fine as long as he could lay on me at a particular angle, so I just went with it.

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 2.43.19 PM

It was a tough first week back at the office. Obviously I was short on sleep most nights, and Lauren could have used a hand around the house with a baby under 2 weeks old, a neglected beagle, and appointments to get to. But, we managed. Things will get a bit easier now that we have a new fully functional oven. Our old oven was from 1994 and the temperature was uncontrollable. We took advantage of a great Labor Day sale and bought a new LG double oven from Home Depot, which was delivered yesterday.

The new oven! Unfortunately it doesn't sit flat against the wall due to the 6" gas pipe. The old oven had an indentation for the gas line. But I'll happily trade the jutting out for controllable temps.

The new oven! Unfortunately it doesn’t sit flat against the wall due to the 6″ gas pipe. The old oven had an indentation for the gas line. But I’ll happily trade the jutting out for controllable temps.

Johnny sure does quiet down the second we go outdoors. Here he is soaking up the sun on a walk to the community mailbox and back.

Johnny sure does quiet down the second we go outdoors. Here he is soaking up the sun on a walk to the community mailbox and back.

Johnny and me this morning after a night of sporadic sleep. He's finally getting some rest; I'm obviously still in dire need.

Johnny and me this morning after a night of sporadic sleep. He’s finally getting some rest; I’m obviously still in dire need.

Baby Update, Twins, Friends’ Podcast

Johnny has been a little bit unhappy between the hours of 12 and 5am. In addition to Lauren being up with him for feedings, I’ve also been up with him every night for a couple hours trying to calm him down, but not much has worked. Everything from swaddling to singing to white noise to swaying to bouncing to burping to changing to reading has been attempted, but for some reason he’s just not very tired in the middle of the night. We’ll get things down, I’m sure of it. But for now, it’s been some long nights.

There isn’t much else to report with Johnny, as you might expect with a newborn. He has a little more hair than before, I guess. We took him out on a walk to the mailbox last night once the blazing heat got down to a tolerable level, moments before sundown, which he really seemed to enjoy!

Lauren’s sister Kate was in town for a couple nights this past weekend and was a big help around the house. Kate helped with cooking and especially cleaning, and enjoyed her share of baby time. So thanks to Kate for her generosity!

In other news, I have had plenty of time to focus on sports. The Twins, losers of 12 of their past 15, have once again become a complete afterthought in September. Four years ago, when the Twins were swept in the playoffs by the Yankees, I madly proclaimed that “I’d rather the Twins be terrible than make it to the playoffs and choke in the first round every year!” Now that that’s the case, I’m officially taking it back. I’d prefer they be good and lose in devastating fashion than just suck in general all year long. After their fourth straight horrible year, I’ll be really dismayed if they don’t shake things up with the front office or coaching staff. I would part ways with pitching coach Rick Anderson at a minimum.

I’d also encourage you to check out a new podcast called Sticky Buns, a Vikings-themed podcast by friends Nick Sandbulte and Luke Katuin. I think they’d be the first to admit the early episodes are a little rough around the edges, but they are improving and I have laughed out loud a few times. The two friends are an odd pair who know each other through me. I knew Nick from DSU and Luke from Valleyfair, and their seeming on-air disdain for each other plays pretty well.

Johnny all snuggled up on Mommy for a nap!

Johnny all snuggled up on Mommy for a nap!

Week Off Almost Over

It’s my final day off from work for a while. It was nice to be home for the first week of John’s arrival, and rather necessary. You think I’d have gotten any work accomplished with the excitement at home, or on just 2-3 hours of sleep? We had our third dr. appt. of the week today with Dr. Howard. Aside from a little diaper rash, seems John is doing fine and well on his way back to his birth weight.

Before the appointment, I was standing in the backyard with John, when Baxter starting barking his damn head off. He either viciously attacked a rat, or simply discovered it. But either way he was nudging the squirming rat around with his snout as it twitched. I couldn’t decide whether to put the rat out of its misery or let nature take its course. I let it be and it was dead and covered with ants when we came back from the doctor. I guess that’s about the only non-baby-related story of the week.

While Lauren has been up for feedings in the middle of the night, I have been taking care of most of the diaper duty. It’s really quite easy and not as gross as I expected. The biggest challenge I’ve encountered so far has been getting the baby back to sleep in the middle of the night.

I attempted to take Baxter out for a walk today but HOLY CRAP is it hot. Baxter panted and sat under a tree as I dripped with sweat. We wound up back inside within ten minutes. Stupid Texas.

Oh, hello there. I didn't see you at first but now I do!

Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you at first but now I do!


Adjusting to Baby at Home

It’s been a good couple days off work so far as we settle into our new routine with baby Johnny. During the nights, Lauren has been up every couple hours for feedings and I am trying to get up the other times he’s fussing. The first couple nights I would get up and walk him around the house, turn on lights in various rooms, sit down and watch TV, etc. Now the pediatrician (a fellow MN to TX transplant) is telling us we need to really start separating day from night. So at night, just stay in the bedroom, calm him down, and set him back down… apparently this will help to start teaching him the difference in day/night routines. Likewise, during the day, it’s important we let natural light into the house. Otherwise, he’s basically doing typical 5-day-old baby stuff. He is a master at un-swaddling himself, just punching through the tightest of swaddles until his little hands are free. And his feet are extremely long and narrow. If they retain their current proportions, we’ll have to special-order shoes that fit him in the future.

We have been aided by some helpful friends here in town. The Viviritos watched Baxter for three nights while we were in the hospital. Our realtor Caren brought us a meat loaf/mashed potato dinner. Our friend Bobbi Jo brought us a homemade pasta dish and some other groceries. Things like this have made our week much easier, so thanks to them!

Baxter is not the world’s happiest beagle right now, but he’s being good and has been a perfect angel around Johnny. He’ll get right up in his face and sniff him, but he won’t make much contact. He isn’t loving being neglected though. There has been no time for walks, and not much time for chasing him around the table with a toy in his mouth as he enjoys so much. There’s not much room for him in the bed (not that there was before the baby either) but even less so now that the baby is next to us in a co-sleeper. I’m sure he’ll adjust eventually.

Here are some photos from today.

Johnny's a little disgruntled and groggy after waking from a nap.

Johnny’s a little disgruntled and groggy after waking from a nap.

Awww... Johnny all curled up on mama enjoying a daytime snooze.

Awww… Johnny all curled up on mama enjoying a daytime snooze.

Some shirtless bonding time between father and son on a scorching hot September afternoon.

Some shirtless bonding time between father and son on a scorching hot September afternoon.

Johnny Arrives Home

We were discharged from the hospital mid-afternoon Sunday and arrived at home safely. Johnny was pretty good in the evening, but when it was time for bed he revolted! I received warnings from every parent ever that our amount of sleep was about to diminish considerably, but I didn’t know just how much until last night. Lauren and I already were running on fumes after very little sleep in the hospital the previous three nights. I’d estimate that between 12am and 12pm on our first night at home, Johnny slept an hour. I was up walking him around the house, which he liked just fine. As soon as I’d think he was sleeping and set him down in the co-sleeper attached to our bed, he’d burst into tears. I was able to get some rest when Lauren was breastfeeding, but not much else. I have no actual idea, but from the time I woke up at 6:30 Thursday morning through currently, I probably have 10 hours of sleep, and never for more than 90 straight minutes. This is easily the most sleep deprived I’ve been before, which actually is creating a calming euphoric effect of sorts. Everyone said it would happen and they were all right.

Many have been wondering how Baxter is handling the baby. He’s being very gentle and just peeking in for a sniff now and then. But he is not loving the sudden lack of attention. Seems there will be very little reason to worry about the dog and baby co-existing.

(Also, special thanks to Brian Mego for allowing me to borrow his Macbook while mine is out of order! Yes, my work laptop is my only computer.)

Lauren and John, ready for the inaugural car ride!

Lauren and John, ready for the inaugural car ride!

Lauren and son celebrate their first moments at home together.

Lauren and son celebrate their first moments at home together.

Big brother Baxter inspects Johnny for the first time. Everything checked out.

Big brother Baxter inspects Johnny for the first time. Everything checked out.

Here are a few official firsts to check off the list.

- First car ride: Sunday, August 31, 4pm. Rode from St David’s North to the house. Mom sat alongside in the backseat of the CR-V.
– First night at home: Sunday, August 31. Slept very, very little.
– First time meeting an animal: Sunday, August 31, 8pm: Baxter arrived home after stay with Viviritos.

Welcome, John Colfax!

John Colfax Poulter Glanzer was born Friday, August 29 at 8:18am, measuring in at 8 lbs., 7 oz. and 21.5″ long. Lauren spent only 10 minutes pushing after 10 days of intense contractions. Our Doula Leia was a tremendous help.

For the next couple days we’ll remain at St. David’s North in Austin. Sleep has been tough to come by so far, but little John is happy and healthy–and rather hiccuppy–so that is the main thing. And Lauren is making a full recovery.

My laptop hard drive crashed last night so I have only my phone, so updating on the blog will be difficult for a while, but thought I’d better get something up!

The name John is an extremely common name, but less so in recent years. It didn’t enter the finalists until we neared the due date. John is the middle name of both Dad and Grandpa Dick, so there is a family connection. Colfax Poulter is the full middle name. Colfax was the street we once lived on in Minneapolis where so much fun was had. Lauren had the idea for a Minneapolis themed middle name, and Colfax won out. And obviously Poulter is Lauren’s maiden name. The last name is just Glanzer, so don’t be confused.

I’ll write more later when I have access to a computer. Here are some Day 1 photos.