Sleeping, Anniversary, Baxter, Royals

Our lives have been pretty ho-hum around here lately, hence the lack of updates. Ho-hum in the sense that we’ve basically just been on the same routine every day for the past few weeks, ever since the Glanzers departed. We’ve got John on a pretty darn good sleeping routine at night where we can get at least a solid 4-hour block of sleep in. The only downside, of course, is that he’s still sleeping on top of us, but it’s such a minor inconvenience compared to him screaming! We usually head to bed at 11, Lauren nurses Johnny to sleep, he wakes up for a feeding around 3 and is back asleep by 4, and he wakes up again when I get up for work around 7.

This past Saturday, Lauren and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary with a night out. It was our first time leaving the baby with a sitter, so Lauren was a little teared up. But the Megos did a fantastic job watching the little guy (and the beagle). We enjoyed pre-dinner wine at Wink, and then a quality steak dinner at Austin Land & Cattle. It was expensive, but when you take into account that we don’t eat out ever anymore, it was affordable! We forgot to take a picture of ourselves all gussied up. My gift to Lauren is pictured below. She got me a book.

Baxter continues to be ignored greatly and has been acting out with peeing on the floor, digging in the yard, destroying his bed, and tearing through the house with muddy feet, but we caught wind of a “Paws & Pucks” promo at the Texas Stars minor-league hockey game on Saturday and may venture out to the game with the whole clan.

In other news, we’ve watched a ton of sports on TV of late. At least 3 NFL games on Sunday (12, 3, and 7:30) as well as Monday and Thursday nights, plus most all of the American League playoffs. I am truly surprised the Kansas City Royals are going to the World Series. If the Twins can’t make it, I guess they are the next best team to root for. Midwest, low payroll, small market, perennial losers…

My anniversary gift to Lauren was this framed print of one of Jordan's photos from her trip.

My anniversary gift to Lauren was this framed print of one of Jordan’s photos from her trip.

Johnny wakes up in the morning with a big stretch!

Johnny wakes up in the morning with a big stretch!

Oh, why hello, I'm a tiny baby and I didn't see you there at first but now I do!

Oh, why hello, I’m a tiny baby and I didn’t see you there at first but now I do!

More Scans, Baby Update, 5-Year Anniversary

The last time I posted I was in the middle of the big scanning project… and I’m still in the middle of the big scanning project. I just worked through a pile of old little tiny 1″ x 1″ square photos from Dad’s side of the family. It certainly is interesting trying to imagine what was going on in certain pictures. Here’s one that is certainly from Granny’s (Dad’s mom) family. I am fairly sure that is a teenage Granny in the center in the dress. What sort of celebration might this have been? Hard to say.



In other non-scanning news, we are busy raising our little Johnny Colfax. He turns 6 weeks old tomorrow. Lauren has been doing an admirable job of getting through the day with him one-on-one. They’re mostly confined to the house, but Lauren has made it out a couple times lately. I’m getting home from work and am sure to get my share of baby time as well. For posterity’s sake, here’s what’s going on with the baby right now.

  • He’s sleeping through the night pretty well most nights. Lauren nurses him to sleep, usually around midnight. He typically lays on top of me, as I’m a back sleeper and rarely move or jostle at all. He is up every 3 hours during the night for a feeding, and then I go make a bottle of supplement and feed him and then we all go back to sleep.
  • He’s not much of a napper. As I mentioned on Facebook, I will swaddle him and carry him around the house, bouncing him while singing country songs and TV theme songs. He typically will fall asleep and nap briefly after my performances.
  • Most of the “tricks” we have used to get him to sleep were either flukes or he’s too smart to fall for them. The blow dryer, vibration on the swing, radio static, clothes dryer… those things don’t usually do anything for him. The 5 S’s described in Happiest Baby On The Block… nope, nothing.
  • He’s been flashing a little smile here and there. Lauren brought him to my office last Friday and he took an immense liking to one female co-worker and just stared and smiled at her. I’ve got him to smile a few times by making crazy noises or whistling.




In non-baby news, Friday is our 5th wedding anniversary! Lauren and I plan to go out and celebrate a little bit on Saturday with a dinner out. Our friends the Megos have graciously volunteered to babysit and dogsit for several hours.




“Best” Photos of Massive Scanning Project Revealed

I’ve got thousands of digital photos I’ve taken and they’re not organized very well. I have lost quite a few digital photos over the years also, whether it was because a hard drive crashed or I misplaced some CDs or what. It kills me that I have nothing to show from my first digital camera in 2003! So many memories vanished!

One external hard drive at home has many digital photos, another flash drive has a few, my work laptop strangely has a bunch. I have long been meaning to sit down and consolidate everything into one master archive, which sounds like a pain in the ass but I’ll be glad I did.

I figured while I’m at that, why not go a step further and digitize the entire Glanzer family archives too and add them to the collection? So when the family visited last week, I had them bring all the photo albums they could fit. I got a free scanner recently courtesy a friend’s business giving stuff away. And I have been scanning like a madman.

So far, the project has been much less entertaining than I envisioned. I made the mistake (I even said aloud that it was a mistake at the time) of going through all the pictures first. Now when I’m scanning them they aren’t new and exciting… it’s something I just saw last week. Boring. Secondly, the vast majority of the photos I’ve scanned so far have been Jordan-related. Stuff she took in high school, largely involving her friends Alese and Amy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a photo in my archive of Jordan’s friend sitting on the toilet in the high school gym, or various blurry shots of the bottom half of our dog’s legs. But they aren’t like some amazing collection of photos that I forgot all about and am like “Wow! I’ve been looking everywhere for these photos!”

No matter. I plan to continue onward until every photo is scanned. But scanning is only half the battle.

  1. I put four photos on the scan bed at a time, wait a minute or two for the photos to finish scanning.
  2. Open the file in Photoshop.
  3. Crop each photo out individually.
  4. Rotate each photo so it’s upright.
  5. Do a quick auto-level color adjustment.
  6. Save with a unique 4-digit number.
  7. Repeat again and again and again.

And then once I have an album or box of photos scanned comes the trickiest part… trying to decide how to sort them. Do I go by year? Person? Event? I decided that events would take precedence… if there was a family trip to Colorado, that would be an album regardless. If a photo wasn’t part of a collection from a particular event, I’d have to decide if there was one person or a group of people and sort by person. So I have a folder for pictures primarily of me. If it’s me and Alex, then that goes in a Glanzer Kids folder. If Mom is in the photo, then it would have to go in a Glanzer Family folder. If Granny was also in the photo, then there’s yet another folder for Extended Family. Within those folders I’ve decided to break it down by time period. And then what to do with photos of various friends, a building, a tree, a pet, a high school basketball game… so many folders. So this is a very intricate system of filing with the hope that whenever someone wants to track down a particular photo, it will be fairly intuitive of where to look.

I originally estimated there were probably 5,000 photos to scan and I think that’s pretty accurate. I’ve already done nearly 1,000. Here are a few of my absolute favorites so far.

Obviously someone's failed attempt to make a chocolate cake.

To be fair, this failed cake looked a lot worse before the blur effect.

A Christmas card we received from a family friend of a baby in a puffy snowsuit, possibly around 2000 or so.

Our family friends’ baby in a puffy snowsuit. That’s what I’ll remember best about Christmas 1999!

Part of the family farm, ca. 1999. And at an odd angle. I think this was from one of Alex's disposable camera projects.

Alex always had a knack for capturing the moment. I think this angled farm landscape really takes you back to that random day and feel what Alex was feeling.

The bottom part of family pooch Cooper (?) on a boat at the lake.

Who needs to remember what the dog’s ears looked like. Just remember the way he calmly sat in the boat.

Some random unidentified members of the community eagerly scooping up food to fill their gullets at a celebration.

Celebrate good times, come on! What says “happy graduation” like strangers cramming their gullets with sandwiches and potato salad?

Our high school science teacher (and by all I mean all-Mom, Dad, me, Jordan, and Alex) Mr. Meyer sitting at a picnic table enjoying a paper cup of Coke.

When I think of carefree summer days, I think of Mr. Meyer and this woman chilling in the sunshine, drinking paper cups of Coke at a picnic table at some sort of event.

Baby Peyton... Jordan's newborn photography skills had to start somewhere!

Jordan is now an accomplished newborn photographer… but I bet she’d cringe at some of her early work with baby Peyton!

Alex watching someone (probably me) dance around the house with a sleeping bag over my head.

There were some good times we shan’t forget, like the time I paraded around the house with a sleeping bag over my head.

Unidentifiable people peering over a balcony at an unidentifiable hotel.

I know the family will always cherish the time these unidentifiable people were peering over a balcony at an unidentifiable hotel.

A wildly poor attempt at a 2000 selfie of me under the Gateway Arch.

A wildly poor attempt at a 2000 selfie of me under the Gateway Arch.

Who could forget the time we visited this hill?

Who could forget the time we visited this hill?

Johnny Meets Grandparents and Aunt

This past week Johnny met dad’s side of the family, when his Grandpa Dick, Grandma Marcie, and Aunt Jordan made the day-long drive down from South Dakota. The crew left at midnight on Tuesday morning, drove all night long, and arrived at our house around 7pm that evening. Everyone was excited to meet the newest addition to the family. Johnny is grandkid #7 for the Glanzers, and third grandson. Everyone was pretty tired and sick of sitting in a car by the time they arrived, but I thought ahead and bought everyone’s favorite drinks–brandy, cider, and Moscato. We cooked burgers, veggie kabobs, and potatoes on the grill and everyone was merry.

Nearly out of PTO for the year, I wanted badly to save my last 2.5 days for other things, so I received permission to work from home Wednesday through Friday. But Wednesday was a big product launch and I had a ton to do, so I went into the office for a few hours in the morning. Dad decided to see what I did for a living and rode along. Co-worker Eddie gave Dad the big tour of the company and sent him away with a souvenir cap. We met up with the girls and Johnny for lunch at Whole Foods, and wound up spending 3 hours there as I brought my computer along and worked from the Whole Foods wi-fi.

Other highlights from the big visit included an outing to the new BBQ joint Slab, pedicures for the girls, walks for Baxter, help with lots of work around the house, and a newborn photo session courtesy Jordan Krogman Photography. By Saturday morning it was time for the family to hit the long road back north. Everyone got plenty of baby time over the 3+ days and we appreciated them taking time off to come visit and offer their assistance! It won’t be long before we cross paths again, as we’re visiting Carpenter over Halloween weekend. Johnny will get to spend his first Halloween with 6 of his cousins at the Willow Lake carnival.

The family is welcomed back to Austin with a meal hot off the grill.

The family is welcomed back to Austin with a meal hot off the grill.

Lauren, Dad, and Johnny hang out at Whole Foods Domain.

Lauren, Dad, and Johnny hang out at Whole Foods Domain.

Aunt Jordan proved to have the magical touch when calming a baby. Maybe has something to do with mothering four kids.

Aunt Jordan proved to have the magical touch when calming a baby. Maybe has something to do with mothering four kids.

Will Johnny grow up and stand at the right and tower over me?  Time will tell.

Will Johnny grow up and stand at the right and tower over me? Time will tell.

Even Baxter got to have some fun, riding along to Home Depot to buy some wasp spray, tire filler, plywood, and a ladder.

Even Baxter got to have some fun, riding along to Home Depot to buy some wasp spray, tire filler, plywood, and a ladder.

3-Year Beagleversary & Getting Out With The Baby

Three years ago today, I arrived home from work to meet a little four-month-old beagle that Lauren had purchased earlier that day. Through the next few years, practically everything we did revolved around that dog. Here’s one of my fondest moments with Baxter–the time we ran the Rattan Creek 5K together! And then Baxter posed perfectly for our photo at the finish line.


It is sad to say, but the baby has in fact changed the way I have looked at Baxter the past 3+ weeks. Before baby Johnny came along, Baxter was like a son. Now that we have a real human son, Baxter finally feels like the pet that he is. I used to worry sick about Baxter being stuck in his crate and would make a 30-mile round trip home over break to let him out for a pee break. Now, I’m merely feeding him and making sure he gets in a brief walk to the mailbox each day. There has been no extra energy for chasing him in circles around the dining room table, and my patience with him taking up 43% of the bed is at an end. He’s still a good pup, but he has (for good reason) taken a very distant backseat of late.

We were able to get out and do some exploration this weekend with the baby… and yes, even the dog too. Saturday morning Lauren, Johnny, Baxter, and I all walked about 2.3 miles to the neighborhood park where an annual festival full of annoying vendors was set up in the park. It was obnoxiously muggy, but it was nice to put the stroller to use and get all of us some exercise. Hours later, we went back out for our first meal out… we sat at neighborhood tavern Little Woodrow’s and ate some Chipotle takeout while Johnny napped in the stroller. Baby’s first bar, awwww. And at night we ventured over to the Megos for dinner.

Tonight, Johnny will get to meet Grandpa Dick, Grandma Marcie, and Aunt Jordan for the first time! He’s so excited he just might poop his pants!

Weight, Bath, Thank You

We were excited to learn Johnny has surpassed his birth weight and is up to 8 lbs. 11 oz. I had no idea going in that babies lost like 10% of their birth weight initially and then had to wait a couple weeks to regain it. I was also excited to see Johnny really take to the vibration feature on his swing. Though it’s super loud and buzzing, the little tot sure enjoys it.

In other baby news, he got his first real full bath on Monday night. I expected him to be uncooperative and screaming, but he was calm and agreeable.

Sleep is still spotty at best, but I can deal with being tired during the day. It’s the actual act of being woken up that sucks the worst.

Other recent baby thank-yous go out to our friends the Megos, who brought us Pei Wei for dinner and lent us various baby items including a bath tub! Thanks to our neighbors the Wests for cooking us a delicious pork tenderloin dinner and bringing it to us on Sunday! Thanks to the Chicago Poulters for the baby clothes we received in the mail yesterday! Thanks to Great Grandma Bell for the birth check–the first deposit in little Johnny’s college fund. Thanks to Rob for taking Baxter over to play for the afternoon to give Lauren a break! I’m sure there are others but there has been such an outpouring of generosity I’m losing track.

We are expecting our latest visitors to Austin next week. Mom, Dad, and Jordan are apparently driving down from South Dakota for a few days. Can’t wait to see everyone again… it’s been too damn long! I haven’t seen anyone in the family since our Minnesota baby shower in late April. Jordan, who does photography on the side, will be doing a newborn photo session with Johnny.

Stat of the Day: The Twins are 5-13 during Johnny’s lifetime.


Cool & Rainy, Sleep Deprivation, & New Oven

I am extremely pleased with today’s weather. If I could have picked any weather for today, it would be exactly what is happening. It’s unseasonably cool for central Texas in late summer at 61 degrees!! And it’s been raining for hours! If I’m going to be sitting around the house all day catching up on rest after back-to-back brutally sparse nights of sleep, a cool and rainy day is just the thing. Last night I was up till 3:30, slept til 6:30, then slept on and off from 7:00 to 8:24. Johnny would eat but had no interest in going back to sleep, so we came downstairs and watched Three’s Company on TVLand for hours. He slept fine as long as he could lay on me at a particular angle, so I just went with it.

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 2.43.19 PM

It was a tough first week back at the office. Obviously I was short on sleep most nights, and Lauren could have used a hand around the house with a baby under 2 weeks old, a neglected beagle, and appointments to get to. But, we managed. Things will get a bit easier now that we have a new fully functional oven. Our old oven was from 1994 and the temperature was uncontrollable. We took advantage of a great Labor Day sale and bought a new LG double oven from Home Depot, which was delivered yesterday.

The new oven! Unfortunately it doesn't sit flat against the wall due to the 6" gas pipe. The old oven had an indentation for the gas line. But I'll happily trade the jutting out for controllable temps.

The new oven! Unfortunately it doesn’t sit flat against the wall due to the 6″ gas pipe. The old oven had an indentation for the gas line. But I’ll happily trade the jutting out for controllable temps.

Johnny sure does quiet down the second we go outdoors. Here he is soaking up the sun on a walk to the community mailbox and back.

Johnny sure does quiet down the second we go outdoors. Here he is soaking up the sun on a walk to the community mailbox and back.

Johnny and me this morning after a night of sporadic sleep. He's finally getting some rest; I'm obviously still in dire need.

Johnny and me this morning after a night of sporadic sleep. He’s finally getting some rest; I’m obviously still in dire need.